Welcome To The Clan |AoA|. We Are Currently Recruited And We Will Need You To Register On The Site. We Accept Any Age And Any Game You Play.
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|AoA| Lieutenant General
|AoA| Lieutenant General

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Join date : 2008-05-31
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Location : Oklahoma

PostSubject: Scytheblade   Sat May 31, 2008 7:26 am

Follow this form to join Army of Assassins.

1. What game:BF2
2. Age: square root of 255
3. Gender: male
4. Country: USA
5. User name: Scytheblade
6. Battlefield user name: Scytheblade
7. XFire: Ebathegoat
8. MIC/teamspeak: scytheblade
9. Recruited by (if anyone): homer
10. Are you in a clan now: nope
11. Have you ever been in a clan before:yep
12. What clans were you in: e2n
13. Do you know how to use these forums:yeap
14. Why We Should allow you to be in the clan: look at the screenshot i posted
15. Have you read the rules?: yea

Have You Read The Rules? (Meaning that if you dont follow the rules you have been fore warned)

**All members must be active on the forums or you will be DELETED FROM THE CLAN**

Please post a new topic with all this information. Also for topic subject, just use your bf2 name for your forum name so we don't get them mixed up.

This is for recruitment purposes only.
Members please don't reply to this. Leaders and above will approve or deny the requests. Thanks
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|AoA| General
|AoA| General

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Age : 26
Location : Cincinnati, Ohio

PostSubject: Re: Scytheblade   Sat May 31, 2008 7:27 am

Welcome to Army of Assasains!

We hope you enjoy your stay here if you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask them.

You can now officially place the "AoA" tag in your bf2 Prefix.

Our teamspeak is:

Come chat with us! (TS is a requirement. Just jump on TS even if your mic wont work or don't have one. Be sure to be on it while playing on our server)

Remember to stay active on our forums and within the clan.
Feel free to stop by and chat.


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